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In the beginning of 2017 the worlds largest booking site, organised their yearly event in The RAI congress centre in Amsterdam. With over 7.500 participants from all over the world it is their biggest event of the year.
The main theme of this years' event: "Let your imagination get wild and achieve the unachievable"

To visualise this imagination CrossmarkVR was asked to come up with an idea that would instantly catch the attention of the participants and would inspire them to think beyond limitations and out of the box. This would support them to achieve the unachievable.

In close cooperation with we developed the concept for a VR movie. For this VR production we used both stereoscopic filming and animation. 
The movie starts with a boat tour through the canals of Amsterdam arriving at the HQ of Once in the building we enter the elevator. At this moment there is a switch from  stereoscopic filming into animation. In the animation we move from one room to the other, experiencing unexpected changes of the rooms, flying suitcases, butterflies, flowers growing and rockets being launched. Shortly, an unexpected experience showing that one can achieve more than one can imagine. 
BAM Event
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