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In october 2016 Huawei Western Europe held their yearly Connect Europe Event in Palais Brongniart in the capital of France, Paris. Apart from the traditional video work we were asked to take care of, the management asked us to come up with a creative and new idea to visualise the theme of the event "Building a better connected world". 

Based on this request our team developed a concept showing how the eco system of the world has developed itself during the time and  how the eco system of the Huawei partners is developing. Based on this concept. we suggested  to produce a VR movie  which could be watched by all visitors at the same time. Apart from the fact that this would be the first time for Huawei, it was the first time a VR movie would be shown for an audience of over 1.200 people.

To avoid possible disruption of the wifi we developed a special app. In this app we built in a count down timer. This was the guarantee that the VR movie could be viewed by all visitors and at the same time. For an impression please click on the video below.

Connect Europe Event
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